Thank you for your interest in signing up to RESN, the Regional Education Support Network!

Students living outside of the big cities have much fewer resources than those in metropolitan areas – our goal is to help bridge that gap by providing students with a network of tutors who are on hand to give fast and accurate feedback.

If you could fill out this form for us, we will be able to add you to our growing database of top notch tutors willing to give their time to assist regional and rural students.

Please note that we manage our tutor numbers based on the current numbers of tutors we have per subject - so that you're not sitting around waiting for questions, we might not immediately be able to take you on board. If so, we'll let you know as soon as a vacancy opens up.

Please be reassured that no information given to us - apart from your first name - will be shared with any other tutors or students. The information you supply will be used by the RESN Leadership Team to organise our databases and connect students and tutors. No personally identifying information will be supplied or produced by RESN to any other entity.

We require that all tutors have a valid WWCC. If you have any problems, please contact